Passito di Pantelleria

This passito wine is produced on the island of Pantelleria, where, in 2016, we acquired some vineyards. It is an emotion; it is an expression of the fragrances from this fantastic territory where sun, winds, and sea are the undisputed rulers. It is a wine with a very good acidity and low sugar content. It pairs surprisingly well with cheese, as well as with desserts, of course.

Production area: Island of Pantelleria Denomination: DOP (Protected designation of origin)
First vintage: 2016
Grape variety: Zibibbo
Vine training: traditional bush-trained vines
Soil: Volcanic origin
Average production: 1.000 bottles p.a.
Harvest: By hands, second fortnight of August
Vinification: After the grapes are picked, the are laid directly on the mats to dry for about 10 days. After the pressing the must is left to ferment slowly at controlled temperature until the fermentation stops naturally
Maturation: in steel 12 months
Serving temperature: 10-12oC
Sales format: 0,500lt. boxes of 6 bottles
Label: Drawing by Raffaela De Rosa

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